International February Executives Conference Makes History

As the international order of the Aleph Zadik Aleph and B’nai B’rith girls came together for the 2018 International February Executives Conference, Pre-Summit attendees were excited to pass motions, resolve old business and participate in the beginning of an exciting IC.

Nassau Suffolk Regional Godol Elijah Fox said he took something important away from this experience: “I felt I left with a greater understanding of how BBYO functions as an international Movement.”

Sitting in the Execs room, there was a feeling of community. BBYO delegations from around the world came together to possibly change legislation that could impact numerous Alephs and BBGs—things don’t get much more memorable than that.

Members of the International Board discussed old business topics such as Fall Kickoffs, Fall Fests, Global Shabbat, the AIPAC convention and Giving BBYO day. They only had positive comments for these events, seeing as they were all such huge successes.

Next, the International Body of Head Delegates voted on new legislation. A motion to ratify the official name changes to quite a few regions passed. Westchester Region changed their regional name to Hudson Valley, Southern Region: Atlanta Council changed their regional name to Greater Atlanta Region, and Southern Region: Dixie Council became a part of Eastern Region.

The floor was then opened to discuss implementing an International Gizbor and Gizborit. In the words of Grand Aleph Mazkir Jake Busch, “This motion is literally changing history.” The people sitting in the February Execs room were voting on legislation that could change the future of BBYO fundraising and treasury.

 “The Motion clearly passes.”

Being in the room, you could feel history changing. You could feel the Order moving forward and growing. After the vote was reached, crowds of Head Delegates cheered. The International Board felt a sense of accomplishment that was shared throughout most of the Executive Body.

International Mazkirah Caroline Shrock said that fighting for this legislation to be passed was all worth it once the vote was in.

“I was really proud that our hard work and all of the hours spent conducting research toward the legislation paid off,” Shrock said. “I am so proud that our legacy will be left in such meaningful and momentous way.

Shrock also commented that this was one of the most impactful events that has occurred throughout her BBYO experience thus far.

“It’s amazing to know that from here on out there will be more emphasis on fundraising and ISF [International Service Fund],” Shrock said. “This will only serve to impact even more people.”

The excitement continued as the Executive Body officially welcomed China into the international order through a unanimous vote.

“The call of acclimation clearly passes.”

We were thrilled to be including a new delegation. Once again, we witnessed BBYO history being changed through a single vote. This is a change for the BBYO community that will last for years to come.

Members of the Executive Body felt that February Execs was a truly amazing conference.

“I had an enlightening experience in which I was exposed to so many International Delegates and eye opening ideas,” Liberty Region Godol Sam Zahn said.

Overall, International February Executive Conference served as a powerful experience and will leave a long-lasting memory for the entire International Body.

—Olivia Landsman, Gold Coast Region, IC 2018 Press Corps Lead