Applying Design Thinking to America’s Education System Leadership Lab

The first program, called “Purpose Project,” focused on identifying your strengths and passions and using them to help you develop. One question that my partner (Ethan Rosenfeld) and I shared was “When did you last persevere?” We both answered this question by discussing school and powering through tough situations, while focusing on our strengths. We both enjoy mathematics and used this program as an opportunity to realize what we need to work on, while relating that to our strengths. A common theme among all groups was self-development and focusing on how to become better at certain skills that can help in your future.

The other program at this event involved people coming together in a group to try to fix an issue in the world (many topics—from society, to food, to school security). These groups made a rough design of the idea that they could use to help amend these issues. Some examples include a school database to increase security, more recyclable materials to contain food, and redesigning the bottoms of tables. These groups worked collaboratively to make a pitch to the team of “sharks” (BBYO staff) to try to be picked as a winner. This program was a great opportunity to be more collaborative, social, and creative.

Blake Silver, BBYO IC 2018 Press Corps