Dare to Want, to Risk, to Fail, to Rise Limmud

Around the world, Alephs and BBGs strive to embody the Cardinal Principles and Menorah Pledge Principles each and every day. Serving as guidelines, these principles help outline what it means to be a member of this Order. Yet sometimes what we think should do and what we are meant to do can be two completely different things. That is what Meg LeFauve, Academy Award—nominated screenwriter and producer, sought to teach in this immersive Limmud: Dare to Want, to Risk, to Fail, to Rise.

To start off the program, LeFauve showed clips from Pixar’s Inside Out, one out of the variety of movies that she has written. Expressing the importance of “core memories,” key moments that help define your character, she discussed how sometimes we should give in to “the little voices in our head” as they can help discern what is truly important.

LeFauve also cited multiple times in her own life where what was familiar and comfortable contradicted what she really wanted to do. She explained how she had originally gone to school for advertising and sought a position in the field, but left once the voices in her head told her that is was not the right thing for her to do. Seeking a new position in writing, she turned down offers from the likes of J.J. Abrams and Jodie Foster.

To end the program, LeFauve held a question-and-answer session to help relate the story of Inside Out’s conception and plot to the lives of teenagers today. She explained how no emotion is bad, and it is crucial to feel every single one to really understand a situation. A teenager’s job is to find what makes them happy and what they can work towards, especially if it is challenging or unfamiliar. In Meg LeFauve’s own words, “if you are looking for something comfortable or easy, you are wasting your time.”

By helping members to connect to one another and get a stronger handle on the importance of emotions, this program was truly a memorable one.

Noah Vermes, South Jersey Region, IC 2018 Press Corps