A Night to Remember

An electric pulse surrounded me as I stepped into the concert room, multicolored lights shining. Each teen was there to have a good time and end the most incredible week of our lives on the highest of highs. Daya, Fetty Wap and Steve Aoki did not disappoint. As I made my way through the crowds, I only felt the love that each person had for one another. Each person was even more excited than the one before to be in this room with the people that they love the most. It truly was one of the most incredible nights of our lives.

With a week like this, you never really know how to truly conclude it. All you know is you want to go out with a bang. This concert definitely did that. The energy was out of this world. At the front of the stage as Steve Aoki did his famous cake toss into the crowd, the beat only grew louder, the dancing only grew harder, and the smiles only grew wider! The energy matched the shocking brilliance of the colored lights, and every single person lived fully and utterly in that moment. “Together we will” has been the motto of this entire week, and the concert exemplified that. We were one unit of global Jewish teens, comprised of Alephs and B’nai B’rith Girls ready for the time of our lives. Together we lived. Together we loved. Together we thrived.

Brooke Wilczewski, IC 2018 Press Corps