Prior to elections at IC, there will be two Candidate Meetings. It is mandatory that declared candidates be in attendance. Elections procedures will be reviewed and any last-minute questions will be answered. These will take place on Thursday, February 15th and Saturday, February 17th.


A Candidates Declaration Board will be hung at the two Election Centers at IC. All declared candidates must sign the Declaration Boards at the Candidate Meeting on Thursday, February 16th.


When candidate profiles are posted, there will be a virtual question box where all members of the International Order can submit questions for a moderated Meet the Candidates session for all candidates. Any Aleph or BBG (including candidates) can submit questions until Saturday night. There will be boxes for questions at the Election Centers at IC. Ron and Rebecca will screen and select questions for every position.


Candidates’ Priority Papers (and Vision Statements for Godol and N’siah Candidates) will be posted online and at the Election Centers at IC.


Although you are free to wear whatever you choose, candidates are encouraged to wear business attire for elections.


Elections will be held on Sunday, February 18th in separate business meetings of the Aleph Zadik Aleph and the B’nai B’rith Girls. All candidates who have been approved to caucus will be permitted to run. For the first time, International Elections will be conducted with electronic clickers. Training will be provided to all Head Delegates in advance of IC and at February Executives Conference. All delegates at Elections will receive training on the technology before Opening Ceremonies. Here are the components of an elections business meeting:

1.     Opening Ceremonies

2.    Candidate Elections (Godol/N’siah, S’gan/S’ganit, Moreh/Aym Ha’Chaverot, Mazkir/Mazkirah, Shaliach/Sh’licha) 

A. Meet the Candidates | All candidates will be given the same 3 questions to answer. They will have 30 seconds to think and 1 minute to answer each question. 

  • BBG Only | Each candidate will get 30 seconds to explain their platform. 

B. Speeches | Godol/N’siah candidates will be allotted a MAXIMUM of 6 minutes and all other positions have a MAXIMUM of 5 minutes. 

C. Voting Procedures | After all candidates have completed the process, the body will vote using electronic clickers and the elected candidate will be announced. The body will then move on to elect the next position.

3.      Closing Rituals

Additional details on Election Day will be given once the candidate pool is confirmed Election Day.