Thank you for your interest in the chair position of Grand Aleph Gizbor & International Gizborit.  
We are honored that you are inspired to further our Order’s legacy. For 93 years, BBYO has built the leadership of our global Jewish communities. Serving as a member of the Grand and International Boards is only one of the many experiences we offer that will propel you toward a life of Jewish communal influence and impact.

By choosing to apply, you have committed to a pilot process that is making history for our Order. At February Execs 2018, this one-year position was established, and it will be formally succeeded by the first elected Grand Aleph Gizbor and International Gizborit once they are elected at International Convention 2019 in Denver, Colorado.

The necessity of the Grand Aleph Gizbor and International Gizborit, preceded by this temporary chair position to be in operation for the 2018-2019 programming year, resulted from the feedback that more support is needed for regional, council, community, and chapter counterparts of International Mazkirim, and that a more concentrated effort is imperative to the future success of fundraising and philanthropy efforts across AZA & BBG.

The chair will maintain a full-year term from June 1, 2018 until June 1, 2019. This Aleph and B'nai B'rith Girl will be considered full members of the 94th Grand and 74th International Boards, with limited operational exceptions. 

This application process will require you to demonstrate your passion for AZA & BBG, your qualifications for this role, and your vision for the year ahead. Don’t be afraid to go outside the box, take a risk, or ask questions. This is new to all of us, and we will be learning with you along the way.

Please Note: We are aware that regional/council board caucuses are currently in progress and that community elections are upcoming and that this process will be a tight turnaround. We expect you, leaders willing to serve at a high caliber, to hit every deadline. If you are selected to serve as Gizbor or Gizborit you may not hold a position on council, regional, or country board. If you are serving as an officer elected to a Winter Region (CSR, KIO, LSR, NTO) this rule does not apply to you.

It is crucial that you put time and thought into this decision, and that you include your family, mentors, advisors and local staff in the process. We expect your decision to be one that follows open dialogue and questions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us; we want you to be as informed as possible. We will be your biggest advocates, strongest supporters and we’re committed to ensuring that each applicant understands the responsibility to the fullest. 

We thank you for taking this first step in exploring your candidacy. We wish you the best of luck in embarking on what we can ensure will be an unparalleled journey in your life. We’re inspired by your desire to serve.

Respectfully submitted with undying love, dedicated to the 94th and 74th years of AZA and BBG, we remain,

Rebecca Sereboff | 73rd International N'siah

Noga Hurwitz | 74th International N'siah

Caroline Shrock | 73rd International Mazkirah

Morgan Wittenberg | Manager, AZA BBG and the Teen Movement

Ron Hasson | 93rd Grand Aleph Godol 

Mason Quintero | 94th Grand Aleph Godol 

Jake Busch | 73rd Grand Aleph Mazkir

Ian Kandel | VP, AZA BBG and the Teen Movement