Each declared candidate is allowed to distribute a PRE-APPROVED platform during their “Meet the Candidates” session. All candidates must submit their platforms NO LATER than February 7th. Should platforms not be received by this date, you will NOT be allowed to use your platform/run at International Convention.

All platforms must be approved again during the Candidates Meeting at IC. If the platform a candidate brings to IC is NOT the platform received and approved by Ron and/or Rebecca, that candidate will NOT be able to use it. Obviously, if a candidate was asked to make changes, and those changes were made, their platform may be distributed. Please read the following guidelines very carefully, and do not hesitate to ask any questions. If any changes have to be made, you will need time to correct them before IC. It is suggested that platforms are submitted as early as possible. Don’t leave it for the last minute - you should not print off all of your platforms until they have been approved by Ron or Rebecca.

9474 - Platform Guidelines.PNG