for godol and n'siah candidates


Your vision statement is your opportunity to paint a picture for the voting body of the movement that you’d work to build for AZA and BBG if elected. Your vision statement will be put on display for the International Convention body throughout the weekend.

AZA and BBG continue to grow as the predominant Jewish teen experience in North America and around the world, while our five teen priorities take deeper root across the movement every day. Thousands of Alephs and Bʼnai Bʼrith Girls are embracing our collective responsibility for the Jewish people’s future as Jewish leaders today, exploring their potential and experimenting with their impact at the chapter level in communities all over the globe. As you well know, our primary focus is on how we can engage more Jewish teens in BBYO programming around the world.

How will your year leading the Grand or International Board impact the future of the Jewish People? What do you foresee as AZA and BBG’s primary foci throughout your term to ensure that the Jewish community today yields a vibrant Jewish future? 

Your response will be limited to 600 words. Submit your response below.